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Customize a Doll

Q: How can I customize my doll?

A: There are 2 ways to customize a doll.

I: Detail Customize

You can go to "Product" on the top, click "accessories". Go in "accessories" to choose "wig style", "eyes color", "finger nails color", "skin tone color", "shoulders","areola color", "vagina", "vagina color","public hair","toe nails color","feet".
You can send us message or email, tell us what do you want.
We will make the doll as your request.
This customizing does not affect lead time. In 2-3 days, we could finish produce and make shipping.

II. Deep Customize

We accept new designs for dolls order. You can have your own design, your own idea, just tell us what you want or show us a picture. We will do as your request. During the process, we will have fully communication with you, and achive your idea.

Finish a new design will take around 30 days. And it will costs higher. Please contact us if you want a own design.